Monday, January 17, 2011

The Katie Thompson Incident

Something very cool happened to me the other day that I think deserves blogging.

I tweeted this before going to play guitar in the subway:


Busking at Columbus Circle 1 train downtown platform from 2 to 4ish with Zach Miko. Come say hello!


Later, my friend Amiee Collier (who lives in Cleveland) texted to me "Is this you?" and referenced this tweet:


There are two guys singin "halleluia" at the 59th street subway platform (1)with a guitar. It was so amazing. I even "woo!-ed" at them:)

I confirmed to Amiee that it was about us and she said "you got "woo!ed" by one of my idols"

The amazing coincidence is that Amiee just happens to subscribe to my tweets and Katie Thompson's, read both, and put them together in her head.  Pretty awesome.  Then I tweeted:


Holy crap! Zach and I got tweeted about by Katie Thompson! @katiethompsonkt


And that's when I got a second and equally awesome shoutout from Katie:

@bdebois ahahahhahaaaaa:) ! You guys were so good! Broke my heart- so good:)


And THAT was a good day.

For more on Katie Thompson (who is a FANTASTIC singer/pianist), check out her website ( or youtube (

And of course, for more on me: (

1 comment:

amiee said...

i think it's funny that you refer to this as an "incident."

(yes, i subscribe to your blog.)