Monday, October 19, 2009

Obama™ Tweets about Healthcare

"Health insurers are trying to mislead you—but their smoke and mirrors won't work this time. Watch: #hc09"
from @barackobama

This is a strange tweet to come from a President of the United States. I'm all for new forms of communication, but can we keep a hint of professionalism? This almost sounds like it's snipped from a Cartoon. There's nearly an audible "bwahahaaaa" after it. Evidence that most broad communication panders to morons. Not that what it's saying is necessarily wrong. Or that only morons watch cartoons.

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Michael Haren said...

Perhaps 140 chars is the great equalizer. It's hard to BS via twitter. Sure you can be vague, dishonest, etc., but in 140 chars, you gotta get right to your point.