Tuesday, September 08, 2009

RENT opens Friday and goes Viral w/ Video Clip

Once again, RENT at the Players Guild opens this Friday, September 11th! Here is a video of one of the songs taken at our sitzprobe (first rehearsal with the band) this past Sunday:


Please share this video with your friends!

Performances are:

Fri. Sept 11th - 8pm
Sat. Sept 12th - 8pm
Sun. Sept 13th - 2:30pm
Fri. Sept 18th - 8pm
Sat. Sept 19th - 8pm
Sun. Sept 20th - 2:30pm*
Fri. Sept 25th - 8pm*
Sat. Sept 26th - 8pm
Sun. Sept 27th - 2:30pm

*performances that I am playing Roger, otherwise I'm playing Steve

Box Office: (330) 453-7617 (Tues- Sat. 10am-2pm)

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Leopard, Bloody Leopard

As many of you know, I am an Apple nut and I'm pretty excited about the new OS I ordered, Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6). Because I'm a big nerd, I downloaded the desktop background of the now fairly recognizable snow leopard used in Apple's marketing for my work PC. I noticed, when the image filled my entire large monitor at work, that the leopard had blood spattered around his mouth. I thought, wow, that's pretty ballsy of Apple to use in their marketing. Then I went back to http://www.apple.com/ and saw that the blood was missing. So for the desktop background, they left the bloody maw of the beast in tact, but for the major promotional image, they "photoshopped" out the gore. Understandably, I'd say. It's all the cooler to know, though, that the image they are using to promote Leopard is not only the formidable looking Snow Leopard, but her just after making a bloody kill. Awesome.

See blown up images side by side
See original desktop background