Monday, January 19, 2009

Living Alone

I'm pretty sure that it's a common thing for people that live alone to talk to themselves. I've heard that it happens, and I've realized that I do it myself. It's just thinking outloud. I don't know why I do it, but I'm often afraid a camera is on me and someone is watching me look like a raving lunatic. Today I came to the realization that if I were on a desert island for something like 2 years (maybe less) I would definitely end up talking to myself all the time. And then I realized I made that realization outloud.

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Angela said...

As XKCD once advised...

Just throw in a random "I know you're listening" every once in a while. Because if no one's listening, then it doesn't matter. But if someone is, then you just freaked the hell out of them.

I talk to myself in my car. I imagine that people in other cars think I'm either singing with the radio, or talking on a hands-free phone or something.