Monday, January 12, 2009


Candy striped through summer shows
Her purple corset streaming
While meadow flows o'er soft skin glows
Her ruby lips are beaming

Her thoughts a-gambol frolicking
May lost in summer be
But dare not break her blissful spell
Her smile of ivory

A sad moss creeps and crawls her trunk
It burns and breaks her bark
So while she blithely disregards
May you leave no remark

In due time she will leave the dews
That glaze the baby's breath
For now let smile be all there is
For fair Elizabeth


Angela said...

Dude, if you're ditching me for a chick named Elizabeth, there had to be a classier way to tell me than this. I'm just saying.

Suggs said...

No worries. She's a distant memory.

Marita said...

Chris told me I should read this...promise I'm not stalking you ;) Beautiful work, Barry.

Plexadactyl said...

this was lovely bear.
you are a man of endless talents, huh?

Anonymous said...

like the queen?

Suggs said...

Marita, Alexa:
Thanks :)

I hesitate to stifle anyone's interpretation, but that's not who I had in mind. If that works for you though, run with it.