Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ATT Blunderings

I spent 2 hours talking to something like 10 different people at ATT to figure out how to sign up for Online Billing on my DSL account. Some of my frustrations were:

-I was told by multiple people that I couldn't sign up for online billing because I have what is called a "Dry Loop", which means I only get DSL (no phone service). Not True

-I was inputting the last 7 digits of my Account Number incorrectly. The person on the phone told me not to use the last number. Oh so when you say use the last 7 digits, you actually mean the last 8 digits, but disregard the last digit. Makes Sense.

-I was bounced around from department to department across the country like a bad case of inter-office herpes.

-I was bounced to a number that is no longer in service. By a telephone company.

-Once I FINALLY got signed up, my account showed that I owed $95 dollars that I had paid a week prior. This payment showed up under previous payments, but my account still said I owed the money.

-When I signed up for DSL, the D-Bag who took my order promised me a $50 gift card to reimburse me for my modem. I never received it, and had to complain before I finally just got a $50 credit on my account. This actually was relatively painless except for the fact that I had to do it at all, and the operator said that the sales person was not allowed to do that. I assume crediting me $50 was easier than taking any action to find out who promised me something that they shouldn't. Or perhaps it's all part of their model because a lot of people just would have let it go. Which is shady to the max.

Sometimes companies get too big and merge-y for their own good, and they really need to call their own customer service and try to solve a real-life problem.

You my be interested in reading this article which inspired my post.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An open letter to Jesus

Hey it's me. This will be brief. Did you hear about Alison Carroll? Yeah, she's the new Lara Croft. Oh you knew? Well, anyways, I know I screw up sometimes, and, like, drink a lot, and swear sometimes, and like, space out in church once in a while, and generally act inappropriately. No excuses here, I do that stuff sometimes. But I was wondering if you could throw me a bone on this one, so to speak. Like, maybe put my name into Alison’s mind and have her inexplicably look me up via the World Wide Web. I guess you could just put my phone number in her head, right? Well, you can work out the details, I don’t want to tell you how to do your job. I just thought that, ya know, maybe she could fly me out to her flat – she’s English right? Yeah, I thought so. So, like, if she could fly me out to her flat and for some reason think I was the sexiest thing she’s ever seen, that would be really great. I’m not asking for a commitment here, Jesus. I mean, if she just wants to have a romantic weekend, that would be fine with me. Maybe even preferable. Now I know you want us to bring even the small stuff to you, and that’s why I thought I’d slip this minor one in. And considering the whole Angelina thing, you really kinda owe this one to me, right? Well, it’s debatable at least. Well, kick it around, and I’ll get back with you this afternoon. Thanks dude. Oo, are these mints? Oh, they’re wax? Gross. Ok, laters.