Thursday, May 08, 2008

Soundtrack Better Then/Than HD Space Footage?

As my readers know, I am by no means a wordsmith. I tend to type like I speak. I am, however one of those people that makes grammatical mistakes once in a while, but can't stand it when they find other people's grammatical mistakes. it may be a flaw of mine, but then again, I don't get paid for my blog. In this article by Loretta Hidalgo about an HD space documentary, the last sentence includes some sketchy English. The following is my email to

"I was a little shocked to read Loretta Hidalgo's misuse of the word "then" when she meant "than" in the last sentence of this article. Also, she highly recommends watching and HD documentary on space travel because of the soundtrack? hmm."


GBtG said...

Yikes. This might be one of those pot/kettle situations. I counted no less than three grammatical or copy-editing mistakes in your short post. I'll leave finding them as an exercise for the reader.

Suggs said...

That's interesting because I believe I mentioned that a quirk of mine is that I make grammatical mistakes, but am annoyed when other people do the same. I also believe that my point was that a professional blog should probably be proofread and not include 3rd grade then/than mistakes. And mine is not a professional blog.