Thursday, October 25, 2007

Apple Envy, In Advertising

Well, it looks like Apple got a taste of their own medicine. Sony placed this ad. and completely ripped off Apple. I won't even debate this, because the Sony ad is an exact replica of the Apple ad. Apple, of coures is not innocent of the exact same lack of creativity. What I don't understand is how and why companies do this.

I see one of 2 possibilities, and neither have anything to do with coincidence, so don't even try to suggest that crap.

1. The company knowingly rips the other off and just hopes no one notices or cares. What's confusing is, they could have changed the order of the colors of any 2 cameras and you might possibly have somewhat reasonable ground to stand on to almost suggest the slightest chance of this being a coincidence to me, if you caught me right when I woke up, and before I got have a morning pee. The fact is, they blatantly copied every color of product, and placement in the ad. Why? Why not just change 2 colors and you could suddenly give me the slightest pause in thinking you ripped Apple off.

2. Some rookie advertising co-op didn't have any good ideas, so he, without Sony's knowledge, made the ad, ripping off the Apple ad and taking credit for it without the company's knowledge. The reason this scenario is so unlikely is that the cameras come in the EXACT SAME COLORS as the iPods. It would take more than one marketing flunky to have that happen.

The way I see it, Sony just basically rolled the dice and got caught. I just have no idea why they would. It's not like colors flying through the air with a grey background is such an amazing idea, and all the colors were in the PERFECT spot that they had no choice but to copy it exactly.

Sony, please explain why you are so dumb.

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kurtiss said...

Funny thing is, even when blatantly copying, the Apple one is still more pleasing. Look at the strong parallel lines and obtuse angles across the units and the whitespace between. The Sony one has almost all acute angles and no parallels.