Monday, August 27, 2007

Jennya McJamethy

Well, I'm glad to see that the object of at least one of my childhood fantasies is still really hot. Like smoking hot. I submit for your perusal a link to some pics of Jenny McCarthy of 90's MTV fame in a bikini. Wow. Just wow. And the obvious polar opposite of someone keeping their hotness would be Jenna Jameson. Yeah, she looks real bad. She's supposedly not doing porn anymore. I'm guessing that's because no one WANTS to do a porn with her anymore. Way to go out on top, as it were, Jenna.

Maybe Jenny would be offended that I'm even comparing these two, but let's face it, they both took their clothes off for money. Not that I look down on them for that. I'd do just about anything for a cool, clean $5 bill. One time I attacked a bear cub while covered in honey not 10 feet from it's mother for 5 bucks. Only the cub was more of a human child, and the mother was more of a great-grandmother, and the honey was - well I don't remember why I was covered in honey.

The point is, ladies, sell it while it looks good, because cases like Jenna are much more common than cases like Jenny.

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