Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Apple Envy

Sigh, and so my Apple envy continues. It amazes me how I can look at a product I bought (like my iMac) with such awe and pride, and within a few months quietly and slowly reject it for not being as sleek and wonderful as the new model. This is the first sign of a problem people. I'm aware of it.

Have I mentioned I hate and love Steve Jobs? Because I do. He's like a shoe salesman that makes really cool shows that lots of people want. He retains all of his annoying salesmanship, even when the product is good enough that it doesn't need a mega-salesman to sell it. Notice how many times he tells you in his address yesterday how wonderful, useful, amazing, simple everything is. It's to be expected to some degree when selling a product, but I think he goes overboard to the point where I start to say, "this salesman might be full of crap". The product is awesome, just tone down the salesman. He's also an arrogant ass. Some would say he has the right to be. I wouldn't say anyone does. For example:

"Somebody asked me, you guys are so far ahead of everyone else, why are you obsoleting your own products?" (quoted by Engaget)

My paraphrase:
"Somebody was blowing me the other day, and they said, dude, you're so much more awesome than everyone else. Why awesome-ify yourself further when already your awesomeness is so much more awesome than everyone else's lack of awesome! [slurp slurp slurp]"

And yet, who wouldn't love to have all of Jobs' jobs. From Pixar to Apple. I just feel like I would handle it all with less douche-itude. But maybe a Douche is what it takes to run such companies.

Ok, I've made up enough words for one blog.

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