Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We did it!!

Scientists spent 4 years solving a math problem that they admit has no practical applications! The question on every person's mind that has ever felt raped by taxes: "Who the F funded this?!" Well, I could give them the benefit of the doubt and say it was crazy rich people. I could also assume it was based on government grants and/or college funding. Both organizations have taken more money out of my pockets than I feel I've gotten back from them in services.

Impressive? Yes. But while climbing Mount Everest might get you famous or laid, solving this math problem will just get you wedgies. Gigantic wedgies.

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GBtG said...

While the author of the article did not list any practical applications, according to Wikipedia:

...This makes Lie groups tools for nearly all parts of contemporary mathematics, as well as for modern theoretical physics, especially particle physics.

Also, I wouldn't be so hasty to disregard mathematical research with no immediate practical application. Elliptic curves have been researched for over 70 years, but only recently have they been found useful in both cracking existing public-key encryption, as well as developing more powerful ciphers . Oh, and elliptic curves happened to play a key role in solving that last, pesky 350-year-old theorem by Fermat.