Thursday, March 29, 2007

Advertising in English for Dummies

Ever sit at your computer and feel all warm and cozy, but your feet are freezing? Well according to the latest Japanese engineering "It is due to warm air goes up leaving your feet still cold". Read more about the far-eastern answer to online-coldfeet (and not the kind where you're afraid to reply to that creepy guy from eHarmony). It's always been my opinion that if you're going to advertise in a language, you should probably learn that language. But I've often been labeled as an over-achiever.


GBtG said...

"You might have experienced situation that your feet are cold even in air-conditioned room."

Boy have I been there. Sometimes when it's really cold out, I like to crank up the AC, cuddle up with a good book...then freeze my 'nads off.

Michael said...

OK, suppose my feet are cold...why do I need HEATED slippers for that? Are socks or normal slippers not enough?