Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Keith Urban (the singer) is a bully

So Keith Urban, the country singer of whom I could not name a single song but for some reason I know is married to Nicole Kidman, is suing the owner of for using his name to try to promote the owner's oil paintings. That sounds like a great idea except the owner of the website is a man named Keith Urban. So apparently the country singer hasn't moved past the 8th grade thinking that just because you're slightly more popular/well known you matter more. What an enormous douche. I looked at the website owner's paintings and they're VERY good. I see more talent and hard work in one of those paintings than the tight pants wearing, alcohol binging, woman faced Keith Urban has shown in his entire career. Yet, the country singer is trying to steal an artist's website because more girls want to blow him. I'm obviously offended for all of nerd-kind, so maybe I'm taking it a bit far, but Jesus, what a cocky shit. I wonder if the singer would feel better if the artist's website was www.KeithUrbanThePainterWhoDoesn'

I'll end this post by calling the singer one more immature word, because I assume that's the only level of communication he can comprehend.

Keith Urban (singer) is a Dickcheese.


Steve said...

I looked at the website in question, and I could see how people looking for Keith Urban (the singer) would get confused. When your name is the same as an international celebrity, and google adsense puts a bunch of links to Keith Urban tickets and Keith Urban song downloads on the top of your site, do you think it would be too much to ask to put a little disclaimer saying "This site does not belong to the country singer of the same name?"

Marvin Suggs said...

I hear that, but it's not the responsibility of a person trying to promote themselves to say that they're not someone else of the same name. It would be irresponsible, of course, to pretend they are that other person. I think they would be going above and beyond their responsibility to their site-visitors to make a list of the people they are not. If I was running the site, I probably would mention that I wasn't the singer, but the fact that he speaks nothing about music, and only completely about the sales/display of his oil paintings leads me to believe he was not pulling anything dirty. So it's good luck for him that some people stumble on his site because of his name. He didn't claim the site or something ridiculous, he just used his freaking birth name. More than likely, he's been a painter and had the site longer than Keith Urban has been a "popular" musician, or else the singer would have claimed the domain name first.