Friday, December 22, 2006

New Years Resolution

I have only ever made one New Years resolution that I can remember. In 2002, I resolved to stop drinking pop. I worked at Chi Chi's in Canton as a server, and I had access to free pop from the fountains for hours a day. Running around a restaurant keeps you in decent shape, but I had no good reason for sucking down sugar all day long. I've kept that resolution pretty well even until today. I very rarely drink pop at a restaurant. I've probably saved a few hundred dollars in the last 5 years, and I've drank a lot of water.

I mention all this to say that I don't take resolutions lightly. That being said I'm going to make one now. My resolution is to blog more often. At least twice a month. When I set up this blog, I knew very little about blogging in general, or, but I've since learned enough to hang at least, and plan to use this medium more often. I feel like an impostor reading and commenting on other people's blogs without maintaining my own. Follow the links on the right to some blogs of my friends that I respect a lot, and come here often to read my own ramblings.

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GBtG said...

Looking forward to it. Let those posts flow!