Friday, October 28, 2005

Testies 1, 2 ... 3?

Ah, it never gets old. This is Marvin Suggs, also known as Kermit the Blog as a feature on the Guy Behind the Guy Podcast. Just testing my blogging skills before I write anything for-real-style. I will mention that whoever has the Kermit the Blog website already is a punkass, because they forced me to choose another blogging name, and they haven't posted a blog since APRIL OF 2004!!! So from now on I'll be Marvin Suggs, wtf. Can you cuss in blogs? I need to learn the eddicate, and how to spell etiquette. Also, should probably add the word 'blog' to their spelling dictionary, or maybe I'm just crazy. Or maybe I need to learn when to start new paragraphs, I never was very good at that. Let's try it now.

That was refreshing, huh? Ok, more later.

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